Commercial and Corporate Law

Commercial and Corporate Law

Commercial and Corporate Law

Commercial Law

Commercial Law refers to the body of law that governs business and commercial transactions. Any commercial activity carried on by an individual, partnership firm, company or institution comes under the purview of commercial law.  At the ground level, contracts are an integral part of any commercial transaction.  Contracts are nothing but the agreement between parties (to the contract) to undertake a certain specific commercial transaction with each other, with the rights and obligations charted out.  It is therefore important to ensure that the contract terms and conditions do not give room for ambiguity or loopholes.  The assistance of a legal advisory firm or lawyer with expertise in Commercial and Corporate Law, UAE is therefore obtained.  Al Khalifa has a qualified team of advocates specializing in Commercial Law, who ensure that the contracts are flawless, glitch-free and protect your rights. We have an able and experienced team of Commercial and Corporate Lawyers who can provide timely legal support in every facet of your business and commercial transactions and litigations arising there from.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law is the law governing corporations or companies.  From a business and legal perspective, Dubai is divided into two areas; viz., the areas that fall within the jurisdiction of Dubai Courts, while the other is the Free Zone, regulated by the Special DIFC Law and falls within the ambit of DIFC Courts.  The team of lawyers at Al Khalifa is well versed with Corporate and Commercial Law of Dubai as well as that of the Freezone (DIFC)

In UAE, Federal Law No. 2 of 2015, controls and regulates the incorporation and functioning of corporate entities in accordance with the various international norms related to corporate governance. Our specialized lawyers and legal consultants work closely with our clients business, both in strategic transactions and on day-to-day issues and provide timely advice to manage and get over existing or apprehended legal issues. We also advise clients on appropriate investment plans and strategies suited to them.

The functioning of Commercial and Corporate Lawyers in Dubai is not just limited to signing and drafting of contracts but also whether the business operations, contracts, and agreements are in accordance with various laws of the land such as Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law etc.

From inception and setting up, to compliance of all legal requirements including shareholding pattern, mergers, and acquisitions, changes to company Board and structure Al Khalifa business legal services address all requirements of the local and international business.