Family Law

Family Law

family law

The most significant law regarding family matters in UAE is the Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 (Personal Status Law)

It mainly covers divorce, alimony, child custody, guardianship, maintenance of children etc.

The family law issues involve at most sensitive and delicate human personal relationships and require special management.  Our family Law team  which includes Lady Lawyers also is well trained and experienced in handling such delicate family cases.  In family law matters, we negotiate for amicable settlement when possible but are always ready and willing to take legal recourse before court of law and fight hard for upholding or defending the rights of our clients.  We always keep our clients interest on the forefront in our case management.

In this era of globalization marital relations amongst people of different nationalities are increasing.  Large numbers of expatriates including Non-Muslim couples are domiciled in UAE. Marital discord between such husband and wife and the consequent divorce, maintenance and child custody proceedings involve private international law issues as to the Jurisdiction of UAE Courts and the Personal Law applicable in such cases (Conflict of Law issues). Our Family Law Lawyers have vast experience and expertise in such legal issues and would be able to take appropriate legal steps/process in each case in the best interest of our clients.

If you are looking for a family law lawyer in UAE for advice or to deal your burning family law issue, Al Khalifa, Advocates and Legal Consultants is the right choice for you.